This type Bétonnière à chargeur hydraulique à inversion de marche RDCM500 dum concrete mixer can be used alone or act as the convenient concrete batching plant host if work with PLD800 batching machine.

If you need more efficient concrete batching plant, please choose from this catalogue:

concrete batching plant catalogue

Charging Volume800L
Discharging Volume500L
Productivity10-20m3 /h
Mixing Canister Rotate Speed15.7r/min
Maximum size of Aggregate60mm
Water-supply Error≤2%
Discharging Height1500mm
Mixing Electric MotorY160M-4/380v ~3h~50hz
Lifting Electric MotorType
Power5.5kW or 4kw
Water Pump Electric MotorYEZ132S-4 /380v~3h~ 50hz
Power0.75kW,50DWB20-8A/380v~3h~ 50hz
Overall Size(working)L×B×H£©4055×2136×3376mm
Overall Size(transit)L×B×H£©3230×2136×3376mm
Total Weight2800kg

Shipping, Delivery & Maintenance   

20gp’ container2 sets in SKD condition
40HC’ container4 sets in SKD condition
500l mixed capacity concrete mixer
500L electric self loading concrete mixer