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Water pump types and price

Water pumps are indispensable tools across various sectors, including agriculture, industry, residential use, and municipal services. As we know, water pumps are designed to move water from one location to another, either to supply water for irrigation, drinking, industrial processes, or to remove water from flooded areas. Furthermore, here is an overview of the different types of water pumps, their pumping mechanisms, purposes, application fields, and power sources, giving a comprehensive introduction to these vital machines.

In fact, in China, water pump factories are mainly in Zhejiang and Shandong province, like leo pump

How many types of Water Pumps?

1. Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most common type of water pump. And they use a rotating impeller to create a vacuum that draws water into the pump and then expels it through the discharge valve. They can be divided into single stage and multi stage types:

  • Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps are suitable for high-flow, low-pressure applications, such as water supply and irrigation.
  • Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pumps are often used when higher pressures are required, such as in boiler feed systems and water pressure boosting.

2. Positive Displacement Pumps

These types water pumps move a fixed amount of water with each cycle, making them ideal for applications requiring precise flow rates. Meanwhile, they can be classified as diaphragm pumps and piston pumps:

  • Diaphragm Pumps are commonly used for chemical dosing and water treatment due to their ability to handle corrosive fluids.
  • Piston Pumps are used in high-pressure applications like pressure washing and hydraulic systems.

3. Submersible Pumps

Designed to be submerged in water, these submersible pumps are used in applications such as well pumping, drainage, and sewage pumping.

  • Well Pumps: Specifically designed to be installed in water wells for water extraction.
  • Sewage Pumps: Used for moving wastewater and sewage from one location to another.

sewage serbmersible water pump

sewage serbmersible water pump
Popular model:200wq250-22-30
sewage serbmersible water pump coupler
coupler DN200
(to assemble pump much easier under river)
sewage serbmersible water pump VFD control cabinet
1 cabinet controls 1 water pump, no extra standby control
sewage serbmersible water pump

what is the meaning of sewage serbmersible water pump

50WQ10-10-0.75 model as an example. 50 means outlet diameter as 50mm. WQ means submersible type sewage pump. 10 means rated flow capacity as 10cbm per hour and 10m rated head. 0.75 means rated power as 0.75kw.

4. Jet Pumps

Jet pumps use a combination of centrifugal force and jet nozzles to draw water from wells or other sources.

  • Deep Well Jet Pumps: Used for drawing water from deeper wells, often exceeding depths of 25 feet.
  • Shallow Well Jet Pumps: Ideal for wells with depths less than 25 feet.

5. Peristaltic Pumps

These pumps use a rotating mechanism to compress a flexible tube, pushing water through the tube. They are often used in laboratory and medical applications due to their precision and ability to handle sterile fluids.

Pumping Mechanisms

Water pumps operate based on different mechanisms to move water:

  • Centrifugal Force: In centrifugal pumps, water is accelerated by an impeller, which increases its velocity and converts this energy into pressure.
  • Positive Displacement: Positive displacement pumps trap a fixed volume of water and then force it through the pump, ensuring a consistent flow rate.
  • Jet Ejection: Jet pumps use an ejector to create a vacuum, which helps draw water into the pump.
  • Peristalsis: Peristaltic pumps use a series of rollers or shoes to squeeze a tube, propelling the water forward.

Purposes and Applications

Water pumps serve various purposes across multiple fields:

  • Water Supply: Ensuring the delivery of water from wells, reservoirs, and rivers to homes, farms, and industrial facilities.
  • Irrigation: Providing water for agricultural crops, gardens, and landscaping.
  • Industrial Processes: Circulating water in cooling systems, boilers, and manufacturing processes.
  • Flood Control: Removing excess water from flooded areas to prevent damage and facilitate recovery.
  • Wastewater Management: Transporting sewage and industrial wastewater to treatment facilities.

Application Fields

Water pumps are used in a wide range of fields:

  • Residential: Providing household water supply, boosting water pressure, and garden irrigation.
  • Agricultural: Irrigating crops, supplying water to livestock, and draining fields.
  • Industrial: Cooling machinery, processing chemicals, and treating wastewater.
  • Municipal: Supplying drinking water, managing stormwater, and treating sewage.
  • Construction: Dewatering construction sites and controlling groundwater.

Power Sources

Water pumps can be powered by various sources, depending on their application and location:

  • Electric Power: Common in residential, industrial, and municipal applications where a reliable power supply is available.
  • Diesel or Gasoline Engines: Used in remote locations, agriculture, and construction sites where electricity may not be readily available.
  • Solar Power: Increasingly popular for sustainable water supply solutions in remote and off-grid areas.
  • Manual Power: Hand pumps are still used in some areas for small-scale water supply needs.


Water pumps are versatile and essential devices that play a crucial role in ensuring the availability and management of water across different sectors.

Understanding the types, mechanisms, purposes, application fields, and power sources of water pumps can help in selecting the right pump for a specific need, enhancing efficiency and reliability in water management tasks.

Whether for household use, agricultural irrigation, industrial processes, or municipal services, there is a water pump designed to meet the challenge.

gasoline water pump

centrifugal pump
centrifugal pump
centrifugal pump
suction*delivery(mm)(inch)50*50  80*80 100*100 
Total head(m)463228
Suction head(m)888
Max delivery volume(m³/h)366080
mechanical sealW/W/W/
Engine modelGX160GX200GX270
Fuel tank capacity(L)
Starting systemRecoil starter Recoil starter Recoil starter 
Packing size(L*W*H)mm480*375*375495*380*440630*480*550
20FT unit440440430
40FT unit720690680
Net weight(KG)262732
gasoline water pump
Robin water pump
Robin water pump

diesel water pump

TypeSelf-priming centrifugal pumpSelf-priming centrifugal pumpSelf-priming centrifugal pump
suction*delivery(mm)(inch)50*50 2*280*80 3*3100*100 4*4
Total heah(m)463228
Suction head(m)888
Max delivery volume(m³/h)366080
Engine model170F178F186F
Fule tank capacity(L)
Starting systemRecoil starterRecoil starterRecoil starter
Packing size(L*W*H)mm535*445*495590*495*530690*535*555
20FT unit220176128
Net weight(KG)355269
FOB Shanghai (USD)208235290
Air cool diesel water pump
Air cool diesel water pump
spare parts delivered with water pump
spare parts delivered with water pump

Portable Diesel Engine Water Pump Farm Agricultural Irrigation Movable Water Pump 

ItemDiesel Engine Fire pump
MaterialCast Iron
MediumClear Water

Mainly used for fire-fighting systems in industries and civil buildings(fire plug distinguisher, auto spray system, and water spraying system). Besides, it also can be used as water supply for domestic water systems in buildings, cities, mines, boilers etc.equipments.

large capacity irrigation pump
large capacity irrigation pump

370m submersible water pump for portable water

name4″ submersible water pump
MaterialStainless Steel 304
oulet dia.40mm
flow capacity1cbm/h at 370m head.
flow capacity2cbm/h at 358m head.
flow capacity3cbm/h at 343m head.
rated flow4cbm/h at 320m head.
rated flow5cbm/h at 290m head.
rated flow6cbm/h at 247m head.
rated flow7cbm/h at 193m head.
rated flow8cbm/h at 132m head.
Electric motor7.5kw (10hp)
Voltage Input380V/3H/50HZ
Rotation speed2850r/min
impeller 52pcs
outer size96mm φ *3052mm
check valveavailable(low speed backflow )
370m submersible water pump for portable water
370m submersible water pump for portable water
370m submersible water pump for portable water