Introducing the RDCM500-16DH Concrete Mixer: Enhanced Capacity and Power for Demanding Construction Needs

In the realm of construction equipment, the RDCM500-16DHS concrete mixer stands out as a powerhouse designed to handle the most demanding projects with ease and efficiency. Building on the success of the RDCM350-11ES model, the RDCM500-16DHS offers significant upgrades in both drum capacity and engine power, making it an excellent choice for large-scale construction tasks.

Key Features and Specifications

Drum Capacity:
One of the most notable differences between the RDCM500-16DHS and its predecessor, the RDCM350-11ES, is the drum capacity. The RDCM500-16DHS boasts a substantial 2600-liter drum capacity, a significant increase from the 2200-liter capacity of the RDCM350-11ES. This larger drum allows for the mixing of larger batches of concrete, reducing the number of batches needed and thereby increasing overall productivity and efficiency on the job site.

Engine Power:
The RDCM500-16DHS is equipped with a robust Changfa 22hp diesel engine. This powerful engine not only ensures reliable performance under heavy loads but also offers enhanced fuel efficiency and longevity. In contrast, the RDCM350-11ES features a smaller engine, making the RDCM500-16DH more suitable for intensive use where higher power output is required.

Design and Durability:
The RDCM500-16DHS, like the RDCM350-11ES, is built with a sturdy design to withstand the harsh conditions of construction sites. Its durable frame and high-quality materials ensure longevity and minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Mobility and Ease of Use:
Despite its larger capacity and more powerful engine, the RDCM500-16DHS maintains the portability and user-friendly design that the RDCM series is known for. It is designed with large wheels and a balanced structure, making it easy to move around the construction site. The controls are intuitive, ensuring that operators can quickly learn to use the mixer effectively, even in challenging environments.

Efficiency and Performance:
The increased drum capacity and engine power translate directly into improved performance. The RDCM500-16DHS can handle larger volumes of concrete mix, making it ideal for big projects such as building foundations, road construction, and large-scale infrastructure projects. The powerful Changfa 22hp engine ensures that the drum rotates smoothly, providing a consistent mix and reducing the likelihood of batch-to-batch variations.

Unlike traditional fixed hoppers, the sliding hopper of the RDCM500-16DHS can be extended along its track. This functionality allows it to operate similarly to the host of a concrete batching plant, providing greater flexibility in loading and mixing operations.


The RDCM500-16DH is particularly well-suited for:

  • Large-scale Construction Projects: With its high capacity and powerful engine, this mixer can handle the demands of large construction sites.
  • Infrastructure Development: Ideal for road construction, bridge building, and other infrastructure projects where large quantities of concrete are required.
  • Commercial Construction: Perfect for constructing large commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities.


The RDCM500-16DHS concrete mixer represents a significant upgrade in capacity and power over the RDCM350-11ES. With a 2600-liter drum and a Changfa 22hp diesel engine, it is designed to meet the needs of demanding construction projects, providing efficiency, reliability, and durability. Whether you are working on a large commercial build or extensive infrastructure development, the RDCM500-16DH is the ideal choice to ensure your concrete mixing needs are met with excellence.

Drum Volume2600L
Capacity of loading750L
Capacity of discharging500L
Drum Thickness5mm
Hopper Thickness4mm
Drum rotating speed13-15
Max. Towing speed20km/h
Power sourceChangfa CF1115 Diesel Engine
Overall size (L×W×H)3900×2300×3750mm
Total weight2350kg
Hopper lifting modelSlide hoisting hopper
Towing wheelsTwo wheels or Four wheels
1×20’ container2 Units
1×40’GP container4 Units
Bétonnière à trémie autoslide RDCM500-16DHS autoslide hopper mixer
Bétonnière à trémie autoslide RDCM500-16DHS autoslide hopper mixer