RDP Redispersible Polymer Powder.

redispersible powder
redispersible powder

RDP CAS No. 24937-78-8

Cement Thickener Rdp Redispersible polymer Powder Vae EINECS No. 429-840-1

VAE. Appearance:Redisperable Powder

Content:Vinyl acetate

chemical composition information:

Vinyl acetate emulsion(cH60)85%

Extra: additivess15%

Cement Thickener Solid Content:≥99% ;

Ash Content:11.5±2.5, 10±2, 9.5±1.25, 9.5±1.5.

Copolym VAE powder vaes Bulk density(g/l):450-550;

RDP features

Water soluble:(20)soluble in water

Flash point: greater than 200

Burning: no burning

Explosive limit: no

Chemical Redispersible Emulsion Powder VAE Powder Average particle size(μm):~80

Redispersible construction of instant adhesive powder Stacking density:0.4/0.45/0.5±0.1 g/cm3

TG:14 degree

Minimum film-forming temperature:0 degree

VAE 25kg
VAE 25kg


Cement mortar, Tile adhesive, Wall putty

Application field VAE Powder is a white or off-white water-soluble liquid powder produced by spray-drying special water-based emulsion.

Mostly based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. it dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion it has high adhesion, water resistance, process ability and heat insulation,. lt is mainly used into the cement mortar as additive of building industrial.

VAE application
VAE application


RDP-VAE owns superior dispersibility, easily re-emulsified into stable polymer emulsion after mixing with water, in order to keep the efficient performance of the product .

   As a white or off white powder, RDP-VAE is formed through drying of polymer emulsion, named dry powder glue.

   This RDP-VAE powder are able to be rapidly reduced to emulsion when contacted with water, and still keep the same properties as the initial emulsion,which means, the evaporation of water will form a film, with high flexibility, high weather resistance and high adhesion to a variety of substrates.

   RDP-VAE is mostly used in external wall insulation, ceramic tile bonding, interface treatment, bonding plaster, plastering plaster, building inside and outside putty, decorative mortar and other construction fields, with a very large range of application and positive market prospects.

   The promotion and application of RDP-VAE greatly improves the function of traditional building materials, and enhances the building materials of the cohesive force, cohesion, flexural strength and impact resistance, wear resistance, durability. The building materials with its excellent quality, high-tech content ensures the quality of construction projects.

VAE international brand redispersible polymer powder
VAE international brand redispersible polymer powder