Scissors hydraulic ladders Echelles hydrauliques à ciseaux 16m 450kg

The 16m platform height scissor lift is a versatile, efficient piece of equipment designed to lift workers and materials to heights of up to 16 meters (approximately 52 feet), while operating heights can reach 18m. It belongs to a family of aerial work platforms that are commonly used in various industries including construction, maintenance, warehousing and event management.

Here’s an introductory breakdown of its features:

  1. Height Capacity: This scissor lift has a platform height range of 2-16 meters, with strong support legs all around to keep the platform balanced. Usually the platform height is 2m lower than the working height. So pls make sure you need 16m platform height or working height for manlift.
  2. Scissor Mechanism: The scissor lift operates via a hydraulic scissor mechanism that telescopes vertically to raise and lower the platform. This mechanism provides stability, safety and convenience during operation. The scissor mechanism can be reduced to 3030x1820x2120mm when not working.
  3. Platform Dimensions: Platforms are usually spacious enough at 2812x1600mm to accommodate multiple workers and their tools or materials, thereby increasing productivity on the job site.
  4. Power source: The scissor lift is powered by batteries, DC motors, and 220V voltage conversion systems, providing flexibility to adapt to different working environments and requirements.
  5. Safety Features: Safety is paramount in the design of a scissor lift. They often include features such as guardrails, emergency stop buttons, overload protection and tilt sensors to ensure operator and worker health.
  6. Application: The 16m platform height scissor hydraulic ladder is suitable for a wide range of applications including indoor and outdoor installation, maintenance, repair work, painting, etc.
  7. Transportability: Depending on the model, scissor lifts can be towed or self-propelled, making them easy to transport between job sites. The self-propelled type can be controlled by buttons without manual pushing.

Overall, the 16m platform height scissor lift is a valuable tool for safe and efficient access to elevated work areas, and its price-performance ratio helps improve productivity and worker safety in various industries.

Scissors hydraulic ladder is named as scissor lift, manlift as well. This type lift is cheaper than self propelled type, but very competative in cost.

Scissors hydraulic ladders 16m 450kg.

Max.Platform Height(M):16m.

Max. working height: 18m.

load capacity:450-500kg.

platform size:2812x1600mm.

Overall size: 3030x1820x2120mm.

machine weight:3500kg.

Both AC&DC power supply for lifting.

Electric remote control for self-propelled function powered by DC.

AC motor :380V three phase 50hz

DC: 4pcs batteries.

220v single phase 50hz charging adaptor for battery. 

working height and platform height of scissor lift
working height and platform height of scissor lift
manlift 18m scissor hydraulic ladders
manlift 18m scissor hydraulic ladders
introduction of manlift 18m scissor hydraulic ladders
introduction of manlift 18m scissor hydraulic ladders